£20,000 for local project aimed at helping disadvantaged young people


Penwith Community Development Trust (PCDT) has just been awarded £20,000 from The Dulverton Trust to fund a project aimed at supporting NEET young people gain the skills and qualifications they need to successfully gain employment.

Youth Works is an educational project which aims to meet the gap in the provision of training for disadvantaged 16-19 year olds. Youth workers from PCDT will deliver an eight week accredited training programme, four times a year, which will offer a uniquely tailored package of support for each participant. The range of skills being taught includes communication skills, self-motivation and how to write a successful application form as well as Maths and English skills.

In addition, participants will be given links to local employers, apprenticeship schemes, and volunteering opportunities in order to gain work experience that matches their skills and ambitions.

Kirstein Rennison, one of the Youth Workers at PCDT who will be delivering the training said: “The project will give young people the opportunity to complete a Level 1 award in Drug and Alcohol Awareness. This will create a free pokies aristocrat foundation to learning and hopefully get the young people back into some form of education, training or employment. I'm hoping the project will give young people increased levels of confidence and enable them to make informed decisions about issues that affect their lives.”

According to research, significant periods of unemployment early in a young person's working life affects their earnings throughout their working life, and increases the chances of them becoming unemployed again. Youth Works provides disadvantaged young people the support they need to break this cycle.

The training will take place in Penzance on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Further funding is being sought to pay the cost of transport for those living in rural areas.


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