Smart Tenants

SMART Tenants Project


This project aims to support unemployed and economically inactive DCH, Coastline Housing and Ocean Housing tenants with their financial situation and help them take steps towards education, training and employment.


The project gives short term intensive support to tenants get a clearer picture of their finances and supporting them to move forward with their personal action plan.


Benefits we are aiming for with the project:


• Households better able to manage finances as circumstances change to avoid bad debts in the future.

• Households able to budget and are more prepared for the introduction of Universal Credit.

• Through people accessing local training, support and voluntary work we hope they will be enabled to ultimately progress to employment

• We hope that individuals will become more confident to access education and training opportunities


As this project is being funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), we will need to check at the beginning that all participants are eligible to be part of the project e.g. that they have the right to work in this country and that they are not doing any work at present (or on a zero hour contract).


The project also has a research element to it so the University of Exeter will be looking at what the issues social housing tenants have and which are the best ways of helping them with managing their financial situation.